After years of developing Joomla! extensions and creating a number of good solutions for business cases, mostly in the dark, babioon is trying to let the sunshine in. If I make it simple then it is an extension club, if I make it more complicated then it is an extension club. But I think I have something that is so special that there is a need for that in the market.

Are we the new kids on the block?

No we are more the old kids, doing development for Joomla! since the beginning. We helped to create the first Beez template and have developed many extensions for Joomla! We are still excited about Open Source and we love Joomla!. We love the concept of project organisation and the community. Do you feel .... the love, no, just checkout what we have here ... and you'll feel it later.


babioon is a service by Robert Deutz Business Solution. We are a German company so we have to provide an imprint in German.

We have different packages, chose the one that fits your needs. If you have a question please get in content with us. 


Our clients make
the difference

  • Working with Robert on a large government project was a dream. Everything was delivered on time and to specification and Robert even added things that were missing from the specification that really should have been there. 
    Brian Teeman Joomla-Co-Founder